Five Ways To Prove You’re Only As Old As You Feel

Since I wrote a couple entries on how to know if you’re getting old, it only seems right to tackle a different aspect of aging today.

People love to use the sentence, “You’re only as old as you feel.” Of course, that line is usually said by people who are trying to prove to themselves that they aren’t aging! Here are five points you can use to bolster your stance that you’re only as old as you feel:

1. You continue to enjoy the same types of physical activities you always did such as running or jogging even if you now do them at a different pace.

2. You make plans for vacation adventures such as mountain climbing and hang gliding, things that are normally associated with younger, daring types.

3. You keep yourself at the same weight you have always been (assuming it’s a healthy one) and refuse to accept that you should gain weight just because your metabolism may be slowing down.

4. You keep up with current technological trends and electronic gadgets.

5. You can still beat your kids at word games and backyard basketball.

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