Five More Ways To Know You Are Getting Old

Hot on the heels of Five Ways To Know You’re Getting Old, here is another five points on the same subject to make your day!

1. You can now afford your dream car, but find that a two-seater sports car is hardly going to accommodate a family trip with five people.

2. You’ve given up your own goals for sports achievement glory and transferred them to you’re (probably unreceptive) kids.

3. When you think of swimming pools, the first thing that comes to mind is not a pool party with your friends, but rather all the time and expense it takes to maintain the pool.

4. You used to count your age in fractions as in the sentence, “I’m eight and three fourths years old.” Now you would never add that fraction; in fact, you now round down – to the nearest decade!

5. You’re actually interested in reading lists about ways to know you’re getting old.

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