Fisher-Price Toy Recall


Mattel, (MAT) the toy company that manufactures toys under the Fisher-Price brand name, issued a toy recall on Thursday August 2, 2007 that affects over 1 million toys.

As of this writing, there is a link on the bottom left of the Mattel homepage that goes directly to their official toy recall information.

There is a long list of popular children’s toys affected by this recall including Sesame Street character toys and Dora the Explorer toys. The Mattel site says that the items would have been sold in stores after May 1, 2007. The reason the company is taking this action is that there may be unacceptably high levels of lead in the paint on the products.

If you think your children may own and play with any of the affected items, the website walks you through what to do.

Please check the list to determine if any of your kid’s toys are affected.

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