Fish as Pets

Just about every kid has a goldfish as a pet at some time or another. When I was kid, we all used to win them every year at an annual Labor Day Carnival. The poor things barely ever lasted until Halloween. Who knew that those simple plain bowls were bad for the fish?

As you know from the bio here on Someone Elses Kids, I now have four fish. Right now they are spread out over three aquariums. Yes, you read that right – three. One is a Betta so he has to be alone. The other three were in the main aquarium (55 gallons) until one got sick. He is now isolated in his own brand new 10-gallon tank where he has been for a couple weeks.

You practically have to be a marine chemist in order to keep the water perfect at all times. It’s so funny to think that we just drink tap water or filtered water without a second thought whereas with the fish, you have to regulate PH levels, ammonia levels, nitrates, algae and a host of other things you haven’t thought of since high school sciences classes.

If you are thinking of buying some fish for your kids as a first pet because you think it will be easy and cheap. Think again! And again. And again…

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