First Friday Art Walk in St. Augustine

St. Augustine, Florida must be a very interesting town to live in. I have to hand it to their Chamber of Commerce or whomever it is that comes up with the community events that help entertain residents and visitors as well as provide business for local merchants.

Back in October, I wrote about their Uptown Saturday Nights which brought people to the center of town for visiting bookstores, antique stores, restaurants, and street entertainment.

I just found out that they have another event called the St. Augustine Artwalk also known as the First Friday Weekend Art Walk.

The Art Walk is a self-guided monthly event that encourages people to visit the art galleries in the area on the first weekend of every month, specifically on Friday and Saturday nights from 5-9. What makes this time extra special? There is free parking as well as free sightseeing tours on a trolley car or by train. Talk about convenience and making it inviting for people to visit your area and shops!

It must be nice to be an artist in the area as well, knowing that the community supports and appreciates your work. For residents, what a great way to get out and meet their neighbors while finding unique holiday gifts for their friends and loved ones. Also, what a great way for parents to introduce their kids to artwork and artists.

Do you have any similar events in your area? What are they?

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