First Children’s Book Recommendation

In a previous entry, I promised to talk about the children’s books that Time magazine recommended as gifts for children this holiday season.

Since I did a series of entries on the Toy Industry Associations picks for Top Toys of 2006, I will do the same for the books which means that each book will have its own entry including title and author information, a brief description of the story and of course, commentary.
See the previous entries for ways to keep the kids active during the day and then read the book entries for inspiration on books to choose to use for quiet time with your children.

The first book in the series about new children’s books (as recommended by Time Magazine) is Duck & Goose by Tad Hills.

The story is about a misunderstanding that occurs when a duck and a goose find a ball in a park and mistake it for being an egg. They eventually realize the truth (as alas the ball doesn’t hatch!) and decide to share the ball for play.

This title is recommended for pre-school level up to first or second grade.

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