Federal Plus Loan

Paying for college is a topic that most parents worry about eventually and many start worrying about before their children are even born. As the costs rise annually, the problem just seems to get worse for parents every year.

When I was in college, researching student loans and other forms of financial aid meant a trip to the school’s financial aid office, a trip to the public library, or a trip to the local bank. (Did I just date myself with that information? My college years just missed the start of the Internet revolution by a hair. I was doing my college work on word processors, not manual typewriters!)

You can imagine the inconvenience and limited information available to me and my contemporaries when it came to financial aid information. Thankfully, today’s parents and students have it much, much easier when they are ready to research financial aid options such as a Federal Plus Loan thanks to sites like FinancialAid.com.

They have a wealth of information on their site about different types of student loans including frequently asked questions on the topic. They even have a scholarship search section along with the option to speak to a loan counselor at a toll-free number.

Check out the site and be thankful that you don’t have to get in the car and take a trip to find such valuable information.

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