Family Recreation Time

Unfortunately, recreation time is becoming more and more segmented and individually oriented. Maybe it started in the 80’s with the idea of the Sony Walkman, making listening to music an individual experience with headphones rather than a group experience with a bunch of teenagers gathered a around a record players.

Let’s fast forward to 2007. Almost every form of recreation is centers around individuals. Everybody in the family has his or her own TV. Everybody has his or her own iPod. Everyone has his or her own cell phone. Everybody has his or her own computer.

It’s almost a funny, yet sad comment when you think about the fact that multiplayer PC games and multiplayer video games are designed to be connected to the Internet so people can play against other other players who are halfway across the worlds rather than playing the game with someone is in the same household and probably in the same room just doing something else.

What happened to good old fashioned family board games?

Do you still play board games with your family?

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