Family Thanksgiving Travel Plans

Familiy Travel At Thanksgiving

As we approach the Thanksgiving weekend, which is traditionally the busiest travel time of the year, I’m wondering if you have firmed up your travel plans.

With all the recent news about the airline industry, I wonder if some people will really think twice before they purchase flights and make other travel arrangements. It seems unlikely at this late stage that people will actually opt for alternate transportation simply over the TSA screening process issues.

There are challenges no mater how one chooses to travel with kids. Whether by car or plane, one good tip is to always have ways to keep the kids occupied.

Older kids and teens are overly addicted to electronic devices so they will probably bring their own entertainment with them. The problem here will be getting the kids to put down the electronics and interact with the family.

For younger kids, though, it is up to the parents to plan ahead and divert the kids from the hassles of travel to family activities.

Here are some ideas:

1) Many board games come in travel sizes and are perfect for fitting on airplane tray tables.

2) Verbal word games such as the license plate game and its many variations work well with younger kids. You can choose a state and then scan license plates on the highway until you find a car from that state.

A more imaginative license plate game is for one person to read the letters on a plate and have the other person make up a word of phrase that fits the letters. (This is best done using the first two letters as one letters is too easy and three might be too challenging.)

3) Another game that works well in a bus station or airport is to decide on an item such as a red pocketbook or a green hat and then have the kids scan the crowd until they find someone with the requested item.

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