Extended Warranties – Should You Get One

Extended Warranties – Should You Get One

This is a hotly debated Is It Worth It topic. Should you buy an extended warranty when you make an appliance or electronic purchase?

Salesman love to push extended warranties on cars, appliances, and electronics because they make a sizable commission when you add the warranty to your base purchase.

Do you think the companies would sell those warranties if they weren’t so profitable for them?

What you are really buying is a type of an insurance policy. Most people are not going need to use the warranties, but for those that do, the warranty will be worth the money and then some. Yes, they can be worth it, depending on the breakdown rate of the item in question.

I think the sad commentary here is on the state of customer service and the fact that companies basically admit upfront that their items are of poor quality and that they expect the customer to pay upfront to “insure” against losses for repairing shoddy equipment.

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