Expensive Pet Food

This is a great follow up to my recent post about social networking for pet owners.

Stop and think – what kind of food do you buy for your pet. Why?

Is fancy pet food worth it?

I know this topic is going to ruffle some feathers (pun definitely intended). I know people who, as I like to say, “have fallen for the advertising.” They think their pets should eat only “premium” food.

Of course, the Madison Avenue marketing whizzes want you to believe your pet is special and deserves “the best” by which they mean the brand that is going to take the most money out of your pocket.

Do you really believe that the more expensive brands are any better nutritionally than less expensive brands?

What about the difference nutirtionally between premium pet foods that are only sold at pet stores as opposed to those brands that are available at regular grocery stores.

Do Fido and Fluffy eat better than you?

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