Emotional Eating Or Emotional Overeating

When I first heard of the website www.ShrinkYourself.com, I was thinking it was one of those sites in which you can upload a picture and turn yourself into a funny character. In fact, it is much better and more useful than that! It is actually a site devoted to helping lose weight by understanding the root causes (such as stress, relationship problems, fear, etc.) of what makes them choose to eat and overeat the way they do in the first place.

What an excellent concept to explore. This applies to kids as well. Many kids are overweight because of the food that their parents provide for them (as well as many other factors). I hope parents will take a look at the shrink yourself information and apply it not only to themselves and the choices they make in their own food consumption, but also apply it to the reasons they give their kids certain foods as well.

In addition to a course and available book, there is also a lot of free information on the site to introduce you to eh concepts and give you a solid foundation in understanding why the principles of the program make sense.

If you know that you are eating the wrong foods for all the wrong reasons (actually, is there a right reason to eat the wrong foods?) or you want to get a better understanding of some of the emotional triggers that contribute to overeating, then explore the Shrink Yourself website and let it lead you to a better you.

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