Electronic Updates To Classic Games

Classic Game Makeovers in the Age of Electronics

I was shopping in a department store the other day and some of my old favorite board games caught my eye. It seems the toy manufacturers have been busy updating old classics by adding electronic components.

Will these changes enhance the games and endear them to a whole new generation or should the manufacturers have left well enough alone? If the games were popular for decades just as they were, do they need the new changes.

I’ll go into more detail in future posts about each game and how I think these changes impact the educational value (and the fun quotient, of course) of the games. For now, since it is Black Friday and you may be in a shopping frenzy (also, the games might be available as special Black Friday deals or holiday sales so you might as well check them out as soon as possible), here is a list of the games:

Monopoly Electronic Banking

Electronic Yahtzee Flash

Simon Flash

Scrabble Flash

UNO Flash Game

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