Elderly Estate Planning

Since this blog is primarily for parents of children anywhere from newborns to college age, we don’t often look at the responsibility parents may have for their own parents.

In this day and age of increasing life spans, it really is a concern. As the website of an Arizona probate attorney points out, about seventy percent of Americans don’t have a formal estate plan which means that in the event of their deaths, their assets will be distributed according to state laws. Would you want that to happen in your family?

The website I mentioned above belongs to Morris, Hall & Kinghorn, a law firm that specialized in family and elderly estate planning, probate, and retirement planning. They provide free seminars around the state and even offer speakers for organizations. No matter what state you live in, you should be able to find an estate planning law firm that offers those same services.

Make sure your parents are protected and also make sure your own affairs are in order so your children won’t have to worry about the issue.

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