What Is Effective Parenting

The Definition of Effective Parenting

In The Total Transformation Program, James Lehman defines effective parenting as parenting that teaches skills and brings about change.

That’s a simple enough definition and it really does encompass what could be volumes of information to define effective parenting.

Effective Parenting Skills Total Transformation

Effective Parenting Skills help parents deal with situations that look like this.

As always, when it comes to this parenting course material, think more deeply about what Lehman is saying. He often talks about parenting itself as a set of skills.

What I like about that is it means that, like all skills, it can be learned. You don’t have to throw up your hands in defeat if you don’t feel that you innately possess the right parenting abilities and instincts. Skills can be learned. That’s what “skill” means.

Effective Parenting – A Set Of Skills

Anyway, in this case, the founder of The Total Transformation Program is talking about teaching skills. He’s referring to the skills that kids needs to cope with their lives and society. The word “coping” has a connotation beyond the discussion here.

When we say we have to “cope” with something, that usually implies there is something onerous or burdensome to be overcome. That’s now what Lehman means. He uses the word “coping” to more like a meaning of “how to successfully get along as a normal person in everyday life.”

The change he wants parents to bring about is in reference to kids behaving better or in ways that enhance their lives and those of the lives around them rather than behavior which has negative consequences.

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