Educational Toys For The Holidays

Educational toys are the best of both worlds when it comes to parents giving gifts to their kids for the holidays. Combining learning and fun will instill interest in both and inspire kids to seek out both together in the future as well.

Luckily for parents and kids, many educational toys actually top the list of must-have items for the Christmas season. In fact, one of the big names for younger kids is Dora the Explorer. In fact, you might recall that last year, that character and line of toys was given top honors by the toy industry when it was named property of the year.

Another good one is virtual pet Tamagotchi which I have a funny story about. It illustrates that parenst may end up playing with it more than the kids.

I was conducting a corporate training session and one of the participants had brought her child’s Tamagotchi with her while she traveled to the training. She was “babysitting” it for a few days and it became the hit of the training with the other participants!

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