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Eco Friendly Toys And Green Toys

Many parents want to teach their children at an early age how to be good stewards of the environment. They cover the basics such as shutting off lights when not in a room to save electricity and recycling plastic milk jugs and drink bottles.

There is another great way to make kids environmentally aware – choose eco-friendly toys and discuss them with them.

They may be called old-fashioned toys or wooden toys because they are made out of the same natural materials (such as wood and natural dyes) that were used years ago.

Another common term is green toys which are not indicative of the color of the play items, but rather the concept of environmental impact.

Like everything else, the Internet is a great place to source these fun toys for Christmas or for other gift-giving occasions throughout the year.

Earthwhile, which is linked in this article, has great toy ideas for kids as well as a few some fun gifts that parents get for themselves or other adults on their gift lists.

I really loved the pen and pen holder made from recycled keyboards. That would be a modern and stylish addition to anyone’s desk. Another great adult gift is a kid-themed reusable shopping bag that easily folds up to fit in the palm of your hand.

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