Dunkin Donuts Flatbread Sandwiches Review

Dunkin Donuts Oven Toasted Flatbread Sandwiches Review

Have you tired the new Dunkin Donuts Oven Toasted Flatbread Sandwiches yet? I have and let me tell you, they are earning a WORTH IT designation right up front.

There are four different varieties. They are:
· Ham & Swiss Flatbread
· Turkey Cheddar & Bacon Flatbread
· Three Cheese Flatbread
· Southwest Chicken Flatbread

I have not seen any advertising for the new sandwiches, but I actually stumbled across them accidentally. While waiting for my car to be repaired last week, I went into a nearby Dunkin Donuts to get some of their delicious hot chocolate, which is just as good in July as it is in December of January, by the way. Anyway, as soon as I walked in, I noticed the sign for the flatbread sandwiches. They do look good on those posters, but we’ve all been fooled before by how good food looks in ads only to be disappointed by the real thing when the order arrives so I would need more convincing than the poster to get me to order one.

I sat down with my hot chocolate (and yes, I confess, with a donut, too). Customer after customer ordered flatbread sandwiches. It was about 11 AM on a Sunday and they were selling them like crazy. I happened to be sitting in the seat closest to the oven so I had a perfect view of how many were being made and how impressive they looked coming out of the oven. Also, they smelled great too. It was interesting that to have a different smell other than coffee or donuts permeating the room a Dunkin Donuts shop.

I ended up going back to Dunkin Donuts twice in the past week to get the sandwiches for dinner. They were fantastic. So far, I’ve had the Ham & Swiss version as well as the Turkey Cheddar & Bacon one. Both were great. I’ve also heard good things from other people about the Southwest Chicken. I don’t know anyone who has tried the Three Cheese version, but really, it’s three kinds of cheese – so what’s not to like?

It only takes them a couple minutes to prepare the order. It looks like everything is already put together and refrigerated. They just put the complete sandwiches on a tray, slide them onto the oven rack and press the button. The oven is set to cook them at the perfect temperature and time. (Hmm, I think I need one of those ovens in my kitchen.) It reminds me of the way they have made the egg, cheese, and biscuit or muffin combinations for years, except that it is even easier and quicker for the employees because the components here are already inside their triangular slices of bread.

I was really impressed with the taste. The bread came out perfectly – toasted and slightly crispy, but not overdone. The slices of meet and the cheese are also generous. They fill the entire area of the inside of the bread slices.

Nutritionally, they range in calories from 350 (Ham & Swiss) to 460 (Three Cheese). If you’re worried about fat grams, your best bet is the Southwest Chicken at 12 grams which is 18% of recommended daily allowance while the Three Cheese tops the list at exactly twice that with 24 grams for 37% of daily allowance.

For those monitoring trans fat intake, there is good news. All four varieties listed zero grams of trans fat and there was nothing partially hydrogenated in the ingredients lists. As with any prepared foods, sodium content was on the high side with each variety hovering around 1000 mg and in the low 40’s for percentage of RDA.

(Nutrition information comes from the Dunkin Donuts website as of 7/13/08.)

I was also satisfied with the price. Surprisingly, there are different prices for different sandwiches, even at the same franchise. I paid 3.49 at both locations for the Ham & Swiss and Turkey Cheddar & Bacon, but the Southwest Chicken was 3.99 at the first location and 4.09 at the second location.

For a quick, inexpensive, and tasty hot meal or snack, the Dunkin Donuts Oven Toasted Flatbread Sandwiches really deliver and definitely deserve the WORTH IT label.

What new flavors do you think they should add to the line?

What’s your favorite Dunkin Donuts Oven Toasted Flatbread Sandwich?

Update: Additional varities introduced under the name DD Smart Flatbread Sandwhiches

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