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Many parents love to devour childrearing advice. Though they no doubt still do (or should) make good use of their local libraries for books on raising children, the Internet affords an amazing amount of information ready for the surfing.

If you are a parent looking for a site with a ton of information, why not choose one that is written by a family of pediatricians? You definitely have to check out Ask Dr. Sears which features more information than you could digest in several sittings.

One notable thing I found interesting and unusual was the blog on the site. The doctors write about the actual things they encounter on the job so it’s kind of like an inside look at the life and times of a pediatrician.

The current blog entry (as of 10/10/07) is a funny in one in which the doctor convinces his young patient not to eat too many sugary foods or drink to many sugary beverages because she will attract “sugar bugs” on her teeth while will cause cavities. While that explanation may be a little dramatic and will clearly give the kid a certain mental image which is straining reality a wee bit, it is technically accurate as far as I can tell.

Maybe one of the Drs. Sears will be answering your question next time they update the frequently asked pediatric questions on the site.

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