Don’t Forget The Camera

I just encouraged parents to take their families on an autumn foliage trip in another post.

One thing I didn’t mention in the post is not to forget the camera. You will be able to take pictures of both the scenery and the family members enjoying it which will become part of treasured memories if you follow my advice of turning the trip into an annual family event.

One thing I’ve noticed on trips, especially those that involve beautiful scenery is that you always end up taking more pictures than you intended on taking. Years ago, that was a problem when it came to running out of film, but in these days of digital cameras, you simply need to buy a couple extra SD cards and you will have more than enough storage space to preserve all those memories.

If you haven’t bought a memory card for your camera in a while, check out the link in the paragraph above and see how much the prices have come down recently. Also, that particular site offers free shipping so that’s another way to save.

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