Dollar Stores

The rise of the dollar stores is a phenomenon that has been a long time in coming. Many years ago, stores known as 5 & 10’s were very common. The descriptions stood for five cents and ten cents! Can you imagine?

Thank goodness we now have the modern equivalent – the dollar store.

If you don’t have a dollar store near you, it’s worth it to take the drive to find one. The bargains are unbelievable. They have an array of merchandise from grocery to kitchen gadgets, from gift items to party supplies.

One thing I’ve noticed recently though is a bit concerning and something that consumers should be aware of when shopping dollar stores. Since the whole concept of the dollar store is based on the price of each item not exceeding that one dollar threshold, what can the stores do when inflation and higher cost of goods starts to eat into their profits? They can’t raise the prices! That would hey do, call them the “dollar-twenty-five stores?”

That wouldn’t be good PR for them, now would it? Don’t worry, they have found a solution! They simply make the items smaller or give you less volume of something.

I have a great example. I’ve bought the same disinfectant spray at a particular dollar store many times. After my most recent purchase, I noticed something different about it when I took the plastic cap off. The company had changed the shape of the top of the can. With the cap on, the old version and the new version looked identical, though. I put the new can side by side with the old one. They both were the same height.

Upon further investigation, I noticed that the new spray can had only 8 OZ of the disinfectant spray while the old can had 10 OZ! Now, for the same price, I was getting 20 percent less of the product!

Watch for that occurrence next time you are shopping.

Even with the possibility of shrinking product size, dollar stores are still filled with amazing bargains.

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