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I came across a great group of sites that fits right into my new blog category examining if consumers are getting their money’s worth on certain items. Although this is so obvious, I never thought to look into it: discount prescription eyeglasses online.

Of course, I’ve known about getting contacts online for years because of the big marketing campaigns that went on in the beginning of the millennium for several fo the sites. I can only assume they were battling out for market share and market dominance. Maybe they were recipients of pre dotcom bust venture capital so they had large advertising budgets.

Anyway, who knew that there was also a ton of sites devoted to discount glasses?

Once I started looking into it the other day, I couldn’t believe how many were out there. Predictably, I found lots of consumer comments that ran the gamut from saying these sites for cheap glasses were the greatest thing that ever came along to people complaining about terrible customer service and eye professionals putting them down for various reasons.

Considering the outrageous cost of prescription glasses, I think the discount sites are definitely worth looking into (pun intended!), even if you only used them to buy a spare pair.

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