Diminished Value Auto Claims

I have never heard of this concept of diminished value auto claims before today, but I thought it was something interesting to know in case you ever get into a car accident and find that the resale value of the car has gone down (even once it has been repaired) simply because it has been in an accident.

The website talks about claiming that money (the difference between the value after accident/repair and the value that the car would have had if the auto accident hadn’t occurred) from insurance companies! We all know how insurance companies love to pay as little as possible on claims so it is of no surprise to me that they wouldn’t volunteer the information that you may be eligible for a diminished value auto claim.

It’s definitely worth checking out the Advocate Auto Claims website and learning about the industry so you will have the info stored in the back of your mind if you ever need it. Certainly, if you have been in an accident already (the website says you have up to four years to file this type of claim), then do some research on it and the time spend may end up putting money in your pocket.

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