Digital Cameras – Family Memories

When I was a kid, cutting edge family picture taking meant instant pictures. In fact, when I was very young, I remember we bought a Kodamatic instant camera, the kind that was later discontinued by Kodak when they lost a parent infringement lawsuit to Polaroid. Then, the camera became useless because they no longer sold film for it. To entice people to buy Polaroid brand, that company offered some kind of discount or rebate of you turned in a Kodak instamatic camera.

Anyway, the great advancement with instant pictures was that you automatically knew if your pictures came out. Prior to instant photography, not only did you have to hope the pictures came out, but you also had to hope the developers didn’t lose them. In fact, that happened to my family on two important occasions. I still wonder what those people who received them did with the pictures from my high school graduation! Too bad there were no names on them or they might have found there way back years later due to the Internet.

Of course, the last five or six years has seen the explosion in digital photography which has been a huge advancement in the industry in so many ways. It is also a great thing for families because there really is no excuse why family events and memories can’t be easily preserved now. If you don’t have a digital camera at your family event, you are missing out.

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