Design A Logo For Your Child’s Business

I had done a series of blog entries along time ago about child entrepreneurs. Of course, computer and the Internet make it easier than ever for enterprising kids to start, run, and advertise their own little businesses.

How excited would your kids be if you helped them design a logo online that they could then use on business cards, websites, signs, etc.?

Visit that link and you’ll find a step-by-step online logo designer. It is so simple that even young kids can do it by themselves with your supervision. You just type in the name of your company, tagline, or any text you want and then go through successive screens to choose an icon, font, color, and text effect. That’s it! In a matter a few minutes, your kids can create logos for their own businesses or just for fun.

At the end of the process, you can download the logo for about twenty dollars and then save it for when you need it or you can use it for free on any of the printed products sold by Vista Print. Vista has really amazing prices for custom printed items. Your children could easily make signs for their business or print up some business cards and the cost would be so minimal they could afford it with their allowances.

What a great business lesson that would be to have them learn about advertising costs and investing to earn a profit later. Check it out and have fun with it.

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