Crime By Kids

When Children Commit Crime

I don’t usually write much in this blog about current events news stories that feature kids behaving in a criminal manner. There are plenty of those type of headlines out there on plenty of sites with their sensational headlines about child criminals.

I usually write articles here that are universal and timeless so they can apply to any parent who happens to be reading the blog on a given day.

However, I happen to see two shocking news stories today about kids committing crimes. These are the kind of stories that make reasonable people say, “How could this happen?”

These kids should be home studying spelling words, not terrorizing neighbors with guns or committing acts which, intentional or not, lead to murder.

The first story was about a woman in Georgia who made a joke to a group of neighborhood children who were out trick-or-treating that she was going to take their Halloween candy. In response, one of them pulled out a real gun and aimed it her.

The second story was about a woman in New York who was purchasing Halloween candy for underprivileged kids in a mall when a group of young teens four levels above her threw a shopping cart over a railing. The shopping cart landed on her head. As of this writing, she is now hospitalized in a coma.

Unless you believe in the theory put forth in the thriller The Bad Seed, which states that some children are just born evil and there is nothing to be done about it, then you have to ask yourself how can things like this possibly happen.

These kids didn’t just wake up one day and start acting like this out of the blue. To reach a point where they ended up in the news like this for committing juvenile (in age, not responsibility level) crime, there had to be a lot of bad behavior up to that point that they got away with one way or another.

Either there were no consequences to the misbehavior or the kids didn’t take the consequences seriously and actually learn lessons from prior incidents.

That’s why it is so important to immediately make sure that kids learn how to treat people properly right from the beginning and learn that negative behavior is unacceptable. It can never be allowed to fester to the point that they end up in the news like these kids.

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