Creativity In Kids

Creativity in kids is a double-edged sword. We like it when it means that kids can write well, make music, paint beautifully, or draw nicely. Creativity also causes non-conformance, that old “march to the beat of a different drummer” issue. We don’t look too highly on creativity when someone creatively finds ways to get a around school or parental rules.

It’s funny how these same traits can have different effects depending on the situation. Some people consider graffiti to be creative (if it is mural-like artwork, not simply writing swears or “Mary Sue Was Here 2006) while others consider it a blight on property. What would you say if your teen came home and proudly announced that his or her artwork could be seen on a highway overpass? What about if your toddler drew an amazing picture in crayon – on your new wallpaper?

Feel free to share any examples of your children’s creativity that could shed some light on the subject.

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