Offers Homeschooling Discount

The website sells Microsoft products to educational institutions such as colleges, libraries, and research labs. Companies that sell to these academic markets are known as Microsoft Authorized Education Resellers. The products are available at special educational discoount rates.

What I think makes the website worthy of note is that it also offers (and rightly so) these discounts to homeschooling parents. Parents who choose to homeschool their children should have access to the same items, software, and resources that their public school educator counterparts have, and at the same prices. Since parents who home school almost always are giving up (or not initiating) an income stream from the teaching parent, the pricing break will come in quite handy for them.

Current software options include the latest Microsoft Office version which is Office 2007 and well as upgrades to Windows Vista. Since also offers gift certificates, you can share the site with others who qualify even if you don’t.

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