Contact Lenses For Kids

Prescription Contacts For Children

Parents have to make the final decision between getting eyeglasses or contact lenses for kids. Whatever is decided, parents should think through the pros and cons of both choices. In either case, shopping online to get the best prices for glasses or to find low priced contact lenses (after getting a full eye exam and eyeglass prescription or contact lens prescription from a local, licensed professional eye doctor) is a good idea.

Here are some thoughts to get you started:

Child Eyeglasses Pros & Cons

– Can’t be worn during many sports activities.
– Get scratched easily and need to be replaced.
– No maintenance time required before or after use.

Child Contacts Pros & Cons

– Improper lens decontamination techniques can lead to eye infections. This is much less of a problem these days thanks to daily and weekly disposable lenses
– Can be worn while playing sports.
– Children may prefer contacts for esthetic reasons.

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