Cleaning Wipes

Are you loving the new cleaning wipes on the market? You get the wipe and cleaner all in one as opposed to using paper towels and some spray cleaner in combination.

I do like the fact that they are convenient and stay moistened with cleaning product right to the last wipe. I also like the fact that they are anti-bacterial as well. (I know, some people will not like them for that same fact.) I have tried several different brands and all of them had plenty of cleaning solutino for each wipe as they were used. None of the wipes dried out either.

My only concern is that they are very pricey. However, I recently discovered them at the dollar store! One dollar is a hige price differece from what department stores, grocery stores, and pharmacies charge for them. The question is will these cheaper wipes do as godo a job and last as long? So far, I have only tried a couple and they dd just as good a job, but I did notice that they not as well moistened.

What do you think?

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