Christmas Caroling

I don’t think I ever realized just how many possible traditions one could have for the holidays until I started this series of blog entries. I hope they are reminding my readers of fond memories or they are inspiring them to start these traditions in their own families.

When you hear the words “Christmas caroling,” you probably think of a scene from a movie with carolers dressed in Victorian clothing strolling the streets of London and standing under black iron street lamps.

I don’t know how popular door-to-door street caroling is these days, but how about caroling at a specified location such as an elderly housing complex? When I was a kid, our church had a program that sent carolers to the houses of elderly church members who could not get outside. I participated for two or three years and saw many grateful people during that time. I remember that several elderly people cried and said that the singing was beautiful. (It may been in concept, but it definitely wasn’t in sound!)

Do you know of any Christmas caroling in your area?

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