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This post continues my highlighting (pun intended) of Highlights Magazine Features.

Whether you remember it as a child from school, your own home, a friend’s house, or your medical provider’s office, the publication is alive and well and filled with beneficial activities for your children.

Let me share a few more things from a recent issue.

There was an article on tiger cubs with pictures the kids will love. It will help them learn about nature and give them an appreciation for environmental issues. Another article on trucks would sure fascinate plenty of kids. The article on baseball players would definitely inspire young athletes.

There are interactive features that are just great. I love the idea of teaching kids to write to magazines and see their own work in print. One of the sections encourages kids to write in and describe their favorite books. The magazine then publishes the children’s recommendations as well as a picture of the book cover. (I bet the children’s authors love that part of the magazine too!)

There was a section for kids to write in with science questions. The issue I reviewed included answers to why people itch and what air is. Another interactive feature was pages that shared readers’ artwork and poetry. Finally, Highlights even has its own advice column for kids! Kids can write to the magazine the old –fashioned way by regular mail or even e-mail their questions. Recent topics included shyness, community activism, and tips for reducing friction with siblings.

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