Childrens First Cell Phone

I must be on a roll today with these “when should you let your kids get” posts. What about kids first cell phones? This should closely be followed by the thought do kids ever need their own cell phones?

I don’t think they need them until they are driving. Of course they should only use them while driving if they wear a headset or maybe not at while the car is moving if that is the parent’s rule. I do think it only makes sense that you would want your kid to have a cell phone in the car in case of an emergency.

I talk to parents who say their kids are getting in trouble in school and having their phones confiscated because they are ringing in the building or the kids are caught text messaging their friends during class. Let’s not forget that teens will often amass large phone bills by wildly exceeding their minutes.

I know there is pressure out there…just look at the cell phone commercials which prominently feature kids who couldn’t possibly be old enough to drive talking away on their own cell phones.

What do you think?

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