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A few years ago (too many, where does the time go?), a friend and I wrote the text for a children’s book.

At the time, we didn’t have the money to market it to agents and publishers. This was a couple years before everyone had e-mail and probably five or six years before most literary agencies had websites.

We did send out as many query letters and manuscript copies as we could afford, but it was an expensive and time-consuming task.

I was thinking about the work the other day and decided I should share it with the readers of this blog. Why let a good story go to waste? Although I had previously made it available as writing sample in my portfolio, this is a better place for parents to find it and share it with their kids.

The title is The Great Kitchen Disaster. Please watch for it in upcoming entries.


While The Great Kitchen Disaster remains available only on the blog here (children’s book link), my other children’s book is available in ebook format. Here is the cover and link to purchase it:

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