Child Behavior Problems

The Total Transformation Course has an extensive list of characteristics of kids with behavior problems. They list 16 different points. These are not what you might expect if you are use to seeing parenting magazine articles with similar names. This is not a talks back to her parents – doesn’t do her homework – yells at his brother – type of list. This is more in depth and thoughtful and in fact, the details make you realize how and why these characteristics cause the surface result child behavior problems such as those listed in the previous sentence.

What I like about the Total Transformation workbook is that after you get the explanation on the audio, you also get a list in the workbook of behavior problems that you can see as a result of each particular characteristic. It is set up like a checklist so as you go along, you can keep track of which behaviors apply to your situation and your child.

In the next couple entries, I’ll examine two or three of the child behavior problem characteristics in more detail.

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