Child Attitude

What is it with kids and their attitudes these days? Somehow, at some point in our history, we’ve decided to put up with kids having horrible attitudes. Even worse, we’ve allowed them to manifest those attitudes in behaviors.

You may remember your own parents “threatening to wipe that smirk off your face.” What they were telling you was that they wouldn’t accept the display of your attitude about something you didn’t like. These days, kids and teenagers are not only all too willing to flaunt their negative attitudes, they are also willing to act out behaviorally in accordance with their poor attitudes.

Kids can be taught their feelings about a situation, even a parental disciplinary action, may be their own and nobody has a right to tell them how to feel, but adults do have a right to demand of children and teens that their outward actions and attitudes stay respectful. Most kids today don’t understand this and their parents let them get away with it.

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