Child Abuse: The Childhood Destroyer

This guest blog entry was written by author Liz Grace Davis. I appreciate her sending me such a personal and heartfelt contribution to share with my readers.

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Many parents find it really difficult to trust others with their children. I’m not a mother yet but when I become one, I think I will be one of those mothers who hesitate before handing over their children so someone else can look after them.

The reason for that is because I was mistreated as a child by people who had promised to take care of me, to protect me. When I was eight years old, I lived with an aunt for a year. It was the worst year of my life.

The two nannies who were responsible for taking care of us children, singled me out and made my life hell. They starved me, beat me and forced me to do farm work no eight year old should be allowed to do.

I couldn’t tell anyone because I was scared of the torture I would have to endure afterwards. As a result, I learned to bottle it all up inside, to suffer silently, to hide the scars.

Even after leaving that place, it took many years for the emotional scars to heal. Growing up, I was very insecure, withdrawn, and had very few friends. But I did learn to live with my past, to forgive (even if I never will forget) and to live in the present and for the future.

It’s sad that there are many children who go through this and never really heal. A bad experience in a person’s childhood can taint their future in ways we can never imagine and some of the damage can never be reversed.

Child abuse is all around us and often very well hidden. Sometimes it is hard to see the signs when one doesn’t look close enough. Often the people who hurt our children are those we know well and trust.

It’s very important for parents to get to know their children at a deeper level, to be able to read them even when they don’t say a word, and to encourage them to be honest with them no matter the situation.

For those parents that have children who have gone through painful experiences, the best kind of medicine to help them heal is love and patience. That’s what rescued my childhood.

Tangi’s Teardrops is a young adult fantasy (fairy tale) inspired by that painful part of my childhood. Tangi is a twelve year old disabled girl who is surrounded by people who hurt her for no given reason.

All she ever wants is for others to look at her and not see her imperfections. But they do and they use them to weaken her both physically and emotionally.

In a nutshell, Tangi’s Teardrops is about a little girl who dreams of becoming something bigger than herself, who craves acceptance and love. This is a story of suffering and pain, hope, love and dreams coming true.

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Thanks again to Liz Grace Davis for this entry and introducing us to her novel, Tangi’s Teardrops, with such a unique premise.

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