Cheap Eyeglasses Update

Remember a while back when I wrote about Zenni and the amazingly inexpensive price of 8 dollars that they charge to order prescription eyeglasses from their website? Last time, I included a link to a consumer report done on a local news station. I just found out that nationally known consumer advocate, media personality, and talk show host Clark Howard recommended using the company. For a blurb on his official website (as well as some contrasting opinions form his fans), check out his site. I’d definitely be interested in hearing from anyone who has tried the company.

I haven’t ordered mine yet because I haven’t gone for an eye exam recently. I figure I might as well get a complete exam first in case I my prescription has changed. As soon as I have the new prescription, I will be taking advantage of such an awesome deal. In fact, I was planning on ordering several pair at those prices. Just for comparison, the last time I purchased glasses, I gote a quote from a national chain for about four hundred dollars for one pair! That was with regular frames too, not some exorbitantly priced designer eyeglass frames. After doing comparison shopping, I was able to buy them from Wal-Mart for about two hundred and fifty dollars for two pairs.

That was a big improvement, obviously. However, the Zenni prices put even Wal-Mart to shame in a major way and that is not easy for any company on the basis of comparing prices. When it comes to order from Zenni Optical, I like the style below, but at their bargain basement price level, I’m actually planning on ordering several pairs in different styles.

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