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Scholarship Help – How To Pay For College

Alternative Sources Of Funding To Pay For College Tuition

One of the scariest aspects for parents of graduating seniors in thinking about there children going off to college (other than the fact that they will be leaving home for the first time) is the realization of the outrageous heights that college tuition has soared to over the years. Parents who are thinking of their own college days and expecting to pay similar tuition rates are in for a shock.

Luckily, tuition relief is available. Scholarships and grants are an important source of funding for a student and his or her family. They should not be overlooked. Unlike student loans which need to be paid back or part time jobs which take time and focus away from coursework, scholarships and grants are usually free and clear once a student has met the requirements to receive the money. I also like the fact that scholarships are a reward for previous academic achievement and/or a reward for completing a creative task (such as writing and essay or producing video) as part of the application process . That it not to say that locating and procuring grant money and scholarship awards is going to be easy. In fact, without the help of a website like, the scholarship search can be an overwhelming task. is a great resource for parents to get the ball rolling in finding out what kind of grants and scholarship award funding is available for their children. It is worth it for all parents to take a look at the site. They will discover all kinds of scholarships that their kids might qualify which they otherwise wouldn’t know exist. I like how the site is organized. It is easy to search based on area of study, name of scholarship or sponsoring organization, or the all important application deadline. There is also a section of 100 quick tips broken down into several categories.

How To Teach Teenagers To Be Responsible With Money

Money Management For Kids & Teens In A Consumer Society

It’s been said many times that we live in a consumer society. Kids develop that demanding “give me” attitude at a very early age. It’s no wonder this occurs when you consider the endless amount of advertising they are exposed to which constantly flashes new toys and cereals in front of kids and tempts teens with new electronic gadgets/the latest clothes/the hot music of the moment, etc.

Parents who try to indulge the kids in their endless craving never having enough stuff really aren’t doing them any favors. If you didn’t start trying to teach kids to manage money earlier, or despite your best efforts, teenagers have still developed these bad consumer spending habits, then there is still help out there.

ING, the giant banking company, has a blog dedicated to saving. They have some suggestions to utilize teenagers endless obsession with cell phone texting to get them to think about money management. They also suggest other ways to use technology to get kids interested in learning about saving.

Eco Friendly Toys | Green Toys

Eco Friendly Toys And Green Toys

Many parents want to teach their children at an early age how to be good stewards of the environment. They cover the basics such as shutting off lights when not in a room to save electricity and recycling plastic milk jugs and drink bottles. There is another great way to make kids environmentally aware – choose eco-friendly toys and discuss them with them.

They may be called old-fashioned toys or wooden toys because they are made out of the same natural materials (such as wood and natural dyes) that were used years ago. Another common term is green toys which are not indicative of the color of the play items, but rather the concept of environmental impact.

Like everything else, the Internet is a great place to source these fun toys for Christmas or for gift-giving occasions throughout the year. Earthwhile, which is linked in this article, has great toy ideas for kids as well as a few some fun gifts that parents get for themselves or other adults on their gift lists. I really loved the pen and pen holder made from recycled keyboards. That would be a modern and stylish addition to anyone’s desk. Another great adult gift is a kid-themed reusable shopping bag that easily folds up to fit in the palm of your hand.

Start Changing Kids Behavior Now

When thinking of inappropriate behaviors that their kids display, sometimes parents simply get overwhelmed. They’re not sure when minor attitude problems turned into major temper tantrums. Something they thought they could handle or overlook suddenly turns into something much bigger, something unacceptable. If they’ve let it go on too long, they have no idea where to start to eliminate these bad behaviors.

Giving up home and doing nothing is not an option. The problems will not resolve themselves. In fact, they are almost guaranteed to get worse.

Luckily, parents don’t have to ifgure it out on their own. There are tried and true methods to bring about the behavior results they want.

Get Tips To Get Started Turning Bad Behaviors Around

Behavior Disorders Acronyms Behavioral Issues Abbreviations

It can be a little overwhelming when dealing with the virtual alphabet soup of acronyms one runs across when dealing kids with special needs due to behavioral issues. Whether it’s ADD, ED/BD, or ODD, parents just don’t know where to start when it comes to confronting all these abbreviations.

The first thing to do is make sure that one understands the terminology being used. We can help break down these abbreviations. The final letter D in most of these behavior related problem acronyms stands for the word “disorder.”

ADD means Attention Deficit Disorder while ADHD means the same thing with the addition of the H standing for Hyperactivity. Sometimes you see the two acronyms combined with a hypen in between. That usually means the writer is talking about concepts that apply to kids with ether diagnosis. ED and BD simply mean Emotional Disorder and Behavioral Disorder. They are frequently diagnosed and treated together. A newer term, ODD, translates to Oppositional Defiance Disorder. CD in this context means Conduct Disorder.

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Parenting Resources

Welcome to the new Parenting Resources category at Someone Else’s Kids.

This separate category has been long overdue as the regular parenting and raising kids category has grown so tremendously. Having this special place to write about resources for parents will make it much easier for those parents who are looking for goods, services, or resource type information to find whatever they need more quickly.

Another benefit of this new category is that it will also allow parents and caregivers to browse through the entries in the section and introduce them to websites or products to make their lives and parenting jobs easier even if they didn’t know they existed prior to discovering them here.

Be sure to check back for the first resource: an online babysitting match service.

Here’s a sneak peak if you want to check out the site and the service by entering your zip code below. I’ll do a more indepth review in an upcoming entry:

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Keeping A Blog Going For A Long Time

I am creating yet another new category for the blog today.

Before I talk more about that, though, I want to share with readers that I can’t believe it’s been two and half years of maintaining this blog since I wrote the first entry. It amazes me that when you start off writing a blog, you have no idea how large the blog will grow and how many posts you will end up having. (Actually, I would have even a few more posts if it wasn’t for the major amount of trouble I had about a year ago when trying to upgrade from one version of WordPress to another. In that mess, I lost several posts and could not find the back up files to reconstruct them.)

Another issue you discover as time goes on is that posts can fit into different categories. Although WordPress will allow you to place any particular post into as many categories as you like, I’m not sure if that is a good idea from the point of view of creating duplicate content.

I also want readers to be able to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible so I’m aware of trying to balance too many categories with not enough. Too many and the blog seems overwhelming, but with too few, nobody can find anything because posts are too easily buried.

The new category I’m creating to day is for entries dealing with parenting resources. That way, parents who are interesting in finding or browsing for particular things will be able to go right to that category without going through all the other parenting discussion and opinion.

What do you do to keep your blog organized and make it easy for your visitors?