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Lady Gaga, Tim Tebow, and the Wii

Did you ever write something years ago and then come across it again later and it still makes you laugh?

I found a blog entry that I wrote six years ago and I think it needs a new version. In the original, I mentioned Madonna, Tom Brady, and the X-Box 360. Not that Madonna or Tom Brady are going anywhere any time soon. In fact, they’ve both been in the news recently. I’m sure the X Box 360 is just as popular as it always was. However, an updated updated version is fun too.

Here’s the new version:

In reference to kids who don’t pay any attention to their educational studies and the difficulty teachers have with getting kids to focus in class.

“Most kids couldn’t even find their own state on a map if you gave them a free Wii as an incentive! As for losing the children’s attention, there’s a shocker. Unless Lady Gaga is making a guest appearance in the classroom with Tim Tebow, no kidding that kids don’t pay attention.”

Tales From Swankville – Could This Be Your Town

Parents Behaving Badly

Have you heard about the new book, Tales From Swankville:The Town May Be Fictional But The Problem Is For Real, that is causing controversy among in the media among parents, especially those in the author’s hometown who say the town’s fictional setting of Swankville is really their own real town of Pleasanton, California in disguise?

This is one of those books on Amazon that garners a huge discrepancy in the ratings, varying wildly and almost entirely between one star reviews and five star reviews.

In fact, reading the reviews and the comments on the reviews can sometimes be almost as entertaining as reading the book. (This is also often the case with a books by politicians and media figures whose shows are about politics.)

It seems that parents are upset about the book because the authors, S.B. Fried and Georgie H. Ikuma, examine and expose bad parenting traits in suburban parents. Since the real parents in her town of Pleasanton believe the story is really about them, they have created a backlash against the book and the authors.

I don’t know what the authors intentions were and how close to reality this fiction lies, but the ironic thing is that it would be just like overbearing, competitive, and aggressive suburban parents in a subdivision to complain about a book that they felt portrayed them in that manner!

This whole thing sounds like it could be a subplot from an episode of Desperate Housewives. Maybe they will ask Siah Fried to guest star on an episode in this final season.

Crime By Kids

When Children Commit Crime

I don’t usually write much in this blog about current events news stories that feature kids behaving in a criminal manner. There are plenty of those type of headlines out there on plenty of sites with their sensational headlines about child criminals.

I usually write articles here that are universal and timeless so they can apply to any parent who happens to be reading the blog on a given day.

However, I happen to see two shocking news stories today about kids committing crimes. These are the kind of stories that make reasonable people say, “How could this happen?”

These kids should be home studying spelling words, not terrorizing neighbors with guns or committing acts which, intentional or not, lead to murder.

The first story was about a woman in Georgia who made a joke to a group of neighborhood children who were out trick-or-treating that she was going to take their Halloween candy. In response, one of them pulled out a real gun and aimed it her.

The second story was about a woman in New York who was purchasing Halloween candy for underprivileged kids in a mall when a group of young teens four levels above her threw a shopping cart over a railing. The shopping cart landed on her head. As of this writing, she is now hospitalized in a coma.

Unless you believe in the theory put forth in the thriller The Bad Seed, which states that some children are just born evil and there is nothing to be done about it, then you have to ask yourself how can things like this possibly happen.

These kids didn’t just wake up one day and start acting like this out of the blue. To reach a point where they ended up in the news like this for committing juvenile (in age, not responsibility level) crime, there had to be a lot of bad behavior up to that point that they got away with one way or another.

Either there were no consequences to the misbehavior or the kids didn’t take the consequences seriously and actually learn lessons from prior incidents.

That’s why it is so important to immediately make sure that kids learn how to treat people properly right from the beginning and learn that negative behavior is unacceptable. It can never be allowed to fester to the point that they end up in the news like these kids.

Halloween Movies For Kids

Kids Halloween Party DVD

Are you looking for Halloween movies for children? Here’s an idea that is sure to please both children and adults – a double DVD pack that includes Scared Shrekless and Monsters Vs Pumpkins Halloween.

Kids will enjoy the animation and cute Halloween stories while adults will enjoy the parodies and references to classic Halloween films.

Here’s the preview trailer. Don’t miss the Shrek-version parody of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.

If you’ve seen the main specials before on TV, now you can watch them anytime without checking the TV listings or without dealing with commercials if you were going to record them yourself. Of course, DVD’s always include something extra too.

Here is the text link to get the DreamWorks Halloween Double Pack (Scared Shrekless / Monsters Vs Pumpkins Halloween) on Amazon.