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2013 Christmas Stamps

Looking for unique 2013 Christmas Stamps?  These cute snowman stamps are a perfect choice for your Christmas cards.

The designer did a great job of capturing a traditional snowman face with the look of coal for eyes and a mouth as well as a carrot for the nose.  The black stripe on top looks like the snowman’s top hat.

The red stripe with the white snowflakes remind me of a Christmas sweater design too so it’s like getting two different holiday designs on one stamp.

Decorate your holiday card envelopes and put a smile on all your friends’ faces.

Santa Claus Christmas Postage Stamps

Santa Claus Holiday Stamps

It’s that season of the year when early planners start searching for the perfect Christmas cards and matching postage stamps. One style of holiday stamp that is always fun and popular features Santa Claus. These are especially fun if you are letting the kids help write out the family Christmas cards or if you are teaching the kids to start a new tradition and make out their own cards to send to friends and relatives. Of course, I can’t forget to mention that Santa stamps are also perfect for those letters from the kids to the North Pole!

I really like this one because it’s a great choice for greeting cards that are going to military family members that are serving our country away from home this holiday season. It’s also a fun surprise to send to family members of troops who are away at the holidays to show that you are thinking of them and to show your support for the sacrifices they make.

Do you love to personalize items with your own photo? Here’s a cute one for you if you want to add a personal touch to your holiday postage stamps. You can easily upload your own photo into this template. People love to use a picture of their own pets sitting under the Santa hat!

The title of this one includes the word “magical” and it truly feels that way when you look at the artwork on this Christmas stamp. It’s like you are looking at from Santa’s own point of view as he holds a snow globe which can show him any scene from the North Pole to anywhere else in the world as he checks to see if you are being naughty or nice!

This Santa Claus photo stamp is perfect for instances when what’s in the envelope is actually the gift. Of course, it’s also a perfect seasonal icon of Santa delivering gifts.

Finally, this stamp conveys the “rom our family to your family” or “from our house to your house” sentiment because you personalize it with your own surname or other fun message for the holidays.

See more Santa Claus Postage Stamps here and pick the best one for your holiday greeting cards.

Xmas Postage

Snowman Christmas Stamps Make Excellent Xmas Postage

Now that the autumn leaves are falling from the trees and you get that crunchy sound when you walk through a pile of them on the sidewalk, it’s that time of the year when we will start hearing about Christmas items.

In fact, I saw a news report not that long ago that said all the big box department stores were starting earlier than ever this year with devoting aisle space to Christmas-related items.

In that same early holiday spirit, I’m writing today about different styles of Xmas postage that you can get for holiday envelopes.

These are some examples of cute Christmas snowmen postage stamps.

I like this one because it’s cute and funny at the same time. Sometimes with the stress that the holiday season can introduce into our lives, we can get a good laugh out of the funniest things in the most unexpected places.

This snowman stamp brings back memories of staying home from school on a snowday and putting our efforts into building the perfect snowman.

I just think this one is extra cute because it shows the snowman family singing Christmas carols together.

This one seems like the perfect classic snowman that belongs on “Happy Holidays greeting cards.

Elf Christmas Stamps

Christmas Stamps With Elves

Obviously, people picture Santa’s elves happily making toys to be ditributed on Christmas Eve. Let’s imagine for a moment that the elves at the North Poel have other Christmas-related duties to which to attend. For example, there must be an elf in charge of making Christmas postage stamps for Santa and Mrs. Claus to use on their holiday greeting cards!

You can get holiday postage featuring cute elves for your own use too. The elves love to pose as they show off their jobs at the North Pole. It looks like this elf’s job is to keep Santa’s naughty and nice list organized.

This little elf decided to take a well-deserved nap after he finished wrapping his share of the holiday presents.

Some poor little elves like this one get overwhelmed by all the running around necessary to get those last-minute Christmas gifts ready to pack on Santa’s sleigh.

This happy little elf just wants everyone to have a Merry Christmas like he will at the North Pole.

See more work created by those industrious holiday Stamp Elves here.