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Report Card Time

It’s that time of the year again in many parts of the country – kids will be bringing home their report cards and presenting them to parents.

That should be bring up all kinds of memories which is why I’m putting this entry in the childhood nostalgia category.

We’ve seen the scene many times on sitcoms – a child alters a report card grade by changing a lower grade to a higher one before handing the report card to the parents. One way or another throughout the episode the truth comes out and the child learns a lesson not to do that again.

Here’s what happened to me once when I was in elementary school in reference to report cards. Our report cards were handed out in sealed envelopes for us to deliver to our parents.

When I got home on report card day, I was disappointed to see a B- in Math when I had expected an A or A-. My parents were surprised too.

The next day in school I asked the Math teacher why I had gotten such a low grade. She looked puzzled and asked what I meant.

I told her that I hadn’t expected a B-. She was surprised and said she was sure I had earned an A-. She checked her grade book and verified that she was right. She showed me the page – my grade was listed an A-.

We went back to my homeroom teacher and got the report card that was actually sent home, which I had brought back that day signed by my parents. That one said B-!

It turned out that one teacher was not able to read the other teacher’s handwriting when she was copying the grades from one place to another! (Does anyone else see the irony in a teacher unable to read another teacher’s writing?)

In the background, they were writing the averages numerically rather than in letters grades. The numerical average was 93, which my homeroom teacher mistook as an 83 and therefore translated to a B-.

Perhaps I was the only child in the school who ever brought home a report card with an “altered” grade that had been altered against my favor!

Summer’s Last Blast

Most kids (parents, too!) love going to the amusement park. Why not give the kids one last summer blast by taking a family beach vacationat one of the great New Jersey attractions, the Morey’s Piers amusement park?

You may know that they have Radio Disney stars on Mondays throughout the summer. Did you also know that they have specials every day of the week?

I like that they understand that a family outing should not be a budget buster. There are all-you-can ride deals as inexpensive as twenty dollars! When was the last time you saw prices that good at an amusement park? I’m guessing the 1980’s!

On Thursdays, they have a thirty-dollar deal which lets you ride all day until six PM and then includes a buffet! That is an unbeatable deal. Friday nights is fireworks night so you can enjoy fireworks displays right up until the end of August.

No matter when you visit Morey’s Piers, there is a ride for roller coaster lovers like me that is not to be missed – the Great Nor’Easter – it’s a suspended seat roller coaster that lets your feet dangle as you whip through the track (over 2000 feet long) at speeds of 50 miles per hour!

If taking the family to Morey’s Piers and the Wildwood area involves more than just a day trip and you need overnight lodging there are plenty of links and information for local accommodations right on the amusement park’s website.

Label Maker for Back to School

It’s time for a trip down memory lane today. Do you remember when you were a kid getting ready for back to school time how much you loved to put color labels on everything?

It all seemed so much more organized and official if it had a label on it. I used to have of those manual DYMO label makers that had the big wheel that would click as it was turned? Do you remember those?

Actually, I still have it in my old desk drawer. I assume the electric label makers are much more popular with kids these days. Even when I was a child, my friend had an electric one and the rest of us were so jealous!

Take a look at the picture below to see at the kind they manufacture now. They look so sophisticated now. I’m sure they are as popular as ever with kids these days.

We used to have so much fun with the label makers. We would find any excuse for sticking them on things. Of course, we didn’t realize we were also being organized and efficient; we were enjoying ourselves.

I’m trying to think of some of the many things we did with them. I know, pencil cases…since a lot of people had similar ones that helped distinguish them without opening them if they got mixed up.

I remember in the younger grades how excited we would be to see our names on things if the teacher had labeled something ahead of time. That made them ours (at least for the whole school year).

One use was in the coat closets. The teachers would put a label above each hook. One time, I donated a record player to the school and the teacher put a label on it saying it was donated by me. I thought that was the best! It’s probably still there somewhere!

When your kids tell you it’s time to label their CD’s, book bags, notebooks (or these days laptop computers), make sure you help create and stick the labels – don’t let the kids have all the fun.

Jiffy Pop Popcorn

I have been meaning to write this entry for a while. I wrote myself a note weeks ago after a trip to the store with a friend I and never got around to finishing the entry.

Here’s what happened. My friend and I were shopping at a department store and came across a display with Jiffy Pop popcorn in the original containers. Talk about nostalgia for childhood!

I picked up one of the containers and showed her. “Do you remember these?” I asked. She instantly smiled and said she hadn’t seen them in ages.

That set us off on a whole discussion of what we remembered about the product. We talked about the commercials and how much we would bug our parents to buy those at the store. We laughed at how much fun we would have watching the foil rise.

We both remembered how good the Jiffy Pop smelled when we opened the foil. We also remembered how you had to be so careful handling the item, especially when you took the outer cardboard top off the foil because even the slightest pinhole would cause the container to malfunction.

We even reminisced about how disappointed we were when that would happen, especially if it was the last one in the house!

When was the last time you had Jiffy Pop popcorn? They probably make a microwave version now too, but I’m talking about the original that you had to hold by the wire handle and shake lightly above the burner.