Carrots Make A Comeback

Here is a story about a school cafeteria serving healthy food instead of the usual hamburgers and French fries from which there was no escape in most school cafeterias for many years.

There are quotes from administrators saying that they are seeing a difference in kids’ attitudes towards eating healthy as compared to just a few years ago. I would think that they are now used to the healthy food so that is what they expect.

The same goes for your household too. I hate when I hear parents say that kids “won’t” eat anything healthy. I always ask them who does the grocery shopping and who pays for the food brought into the house. Since it is the parents, they should be providing appropriate food. (The same goes for school cafeterias.) Blaming the kids for refusing to eat healthy food is a complete cop out.

Kids may refuse a healthy meal if you only offer one of those to every twenty-five junk food fests. However, if they had nothing but healthy choices every day, they would eat the healthy food rather than starve. That is basic survival instinct.

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