Broadband Phone Service

I’ve written a couple recent entries about grandparents. Interestingly, advertising for modern communications technological products will feature grandparents talking to their grandchildren, seeing pictures of them, or in the case of babies, hearing them laugh ro cry over the phone. That’s why it makes perfect sense to discuss broadband phone service and grandparents at the same time.

Let’s talk about a feature of Comcast broadband phone service and how it benefits grandparents reaching out to their grandchildren.

The first and maybe best feature is unlimited local and direct dialed-long distance calling. Anyone who is a grandparent today will easily remember the outrageous per minute charge we all used to pay for long distance calls. Now the grandkids can live across the country and it will cost no more to talk to them than if they lived across the street. That’s a feature all grandparents will appreciate.

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