Bottled Water Prices

Doesn’t it kill you to have to pay bottled water prices? I mean, we get water practically free from the kitchen faucet, so why is bottled water so darn expensive? Yes, I know, it’s all about the marketing and packaging.

Speaking of the the marketing and packaging, for some reason, people just assume that any bottled water they buyy int he store is automatically spring water and therefore better than their normal tap water. People should be aware that many brands of bottled water in the store are what si called “filtered water.” Filtered water usually comes from a regular, municipal source…in other words, the same water source as that which comes from your own tap. The companies claim that the filtered water is better because, even though they are using a city water supply, the additional filtering process they put it through removes impurities that are allowed in the normal supply.

While those claims may be true, is it enough to justify bottled water prices? Do those impurities really make any difference or any significant difference health wise?

One way to make bottled water prices a little more palatable (pun definitely intended) when you have to pay for water is to get flavored water. I’ve found it to be surprisingly good tasting. In fact, it is a dieter’s delight since you can now have great and zero calories all at the same time. Who knew? The verdict is that flavored water is definitely worth it!

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