Boston Red Sox Rolling Rally Skipping School

What do you think of the idea of kids skipping school (with or without their parent’s permission) to attend a sporting event celebration such as the Boston Red Sox Rolling Rally parade which celebrates their winning the 2007 World Series against the Colorado Rockies? I’ve been reading some debate about online and think it is a great topic to bring up here as well.

Would you let your children miss a day of school for this event? (On a related note, would you miss a day of work for it?)

By the way, whether you and/or your kids attended the event in person, it is also going to be available to Comcast digital cable subscribers for free through the On Demand menu until the end of November. Comcast serves five of the New England states (sorry Rhode Island) as well as an area of New York.

Here’s how to find The Rolling Rally replay from the On Demand menu:

– Get Local
– Sox Parade Coverage

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