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Unfortunately, bullying has been with us for a long time. Fortunately, (but for sad reasons), it has recently captured the attention of the media and we hear anti-bullying messages. Of course, it is we adults who are the media consumers of the news stories.

The kids may only catch bits and pieces of the news stories. Even then, they may be missing the context and the “big picture” of what bullying means and the real and tragic consequences that can occur as a result.

In the guest post below in her own words, this is why Australian author author Katie W Stewart wrote a middle grade novel about bullying.

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My son was eleven years old when I started writing The Dragon Box
. He came home one day, upset at being called names by one of the older boys because of his lack of ability at Australian Rules football. Long and thin, he had no interest in the game whatsoever, but the name-calling was getting him down.

A word to the school put a quick end to it, but it got me thinking about bullying and self-esteem. My son’s first love was his computer and electronic games, so I decided to try to combine a lesson about dealing with bullies and fear, with a fantasy computer game world.

The Dragon Box tells the story of a young boy who, like my son, is being bullied about his football skills. He has other troubles, too, but is befriended by an old, rather eccentric neighbour who gives him an electronic game he has invented.

The game transports him to a fantasy world, where the characters all resemble people close to him in real life. He is sent on a quest to retrieve a crystal that will help the Queen’s champion, a dragon who has lost his wings. To succeed, he must problem solve and do things he never thought he could possibly do.

Though James, the main character in the story, is able to do magic within the fantasy world of Grobnog to which he’s taken, it can never completely solve his problems. Also, though he has a mentor and a group of friends to help him, he is left alone at crucial moments so that he has to work out the solutions for himself.

Through his own problem solving, James comes to understand that a bully is only as powerful as you allow them to be and that sometimes a bully without friends is too weak or cowardly to act.
The book is available on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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