Boating Accidents Than Can Be Avoided

Parents are often concerned (and rightly so) when their teenagers and their teen’s friends get their driver’s licenses. Everybody knows and worries about the fact that the large majority of teenage accidents involve alcohol.

Here’s a thought for parents as the summer boating season gets into full swing. Have you ever considered the phenomenon of boating accidents and the role alcohol plays in them? Do your teens frequently go boating with their friends unsupervised by responsible adults? (Notice I said “responsible” adults.)

The Arizona Game & Fish Department has put together an unbelievable materials relating to boating education online. They are an excellent source of information and a great starting point for you to discuss this issue with your teenagers. They’ll like the site because it is filled with videos. You can start with this fact before you introduce them to the site. In the US, over thirty percent of boating accidents involve alcohol. In the state of Arizona, that percentage is fifty percent!

Here is a preview of the videos on the site. They are well-done and high quality.

You can find more videos here:
Boating Operating Under the Influence

It’s interesting that we wouldn’t imagine drivers being allowed on public roads if safety education wasn’t part of the driver’s education curriculum. When it comes to Arizona boating, there is no requirement for an operator to lern safety information as part of a boating education course.

If there were, perhaps more people would realize that drinking and driving on a watercraft is just as bad as drinking and driving in a car. It is illegal, too. Last year, Arizona authorities arrested 350 people on charges of operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol.

Also, proper boating education has other benefits as well since participants learn many useful things including boating safety laws and rules of navigation, how to avoid and recognize carbon monoxide poisoning, and proper life jacket wear and usage.

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