Black Friday Crowds

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving is the official start of the Christmas shopping season every year. How would you like a way to beat the crowds but still get those great advertised specials?

This entry is about finding websites that offer bfads (an abbreviation for Black Friday Ads) information. If you’ve ever been shopping on that day that gives retail workers nightmares, then you know what the stores can be like. Imagine sitting back in front of your computer and typing on the keyboard to find those exact same irresistible deals and getting them delivered right to your door. Then you can watch the TV news that night and be thankful you weren’t caught up in the on-site craziness at your local mall.

The site listed at the link above has a wide assortment of stores that they are watching and waiting to post the items when the circulars are officially released by the retailers. For readers of this blog, I thought you might be most interested in the page for Toys R Us, so here is a link right to it for you: Toys R Us. Happy and simple (online) shopping this holiday season!

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