Bird Seed Prices

Price Of Bird Seed

I’ve written before about the disturbing trend in the consumer arena of prices going up while sizes of containers keep going down. (See the entries on the smaller ice cream containers and the tricky ice cream advertising.)

Since that time, I’ve noticed that this unfortunate trend has been continuing, sometimes in the most unlikely of places. The other day, I went to a home improvement store and actually noticed this occurring with the packages of bird seed!

A particular brand was available in 20 pound and 40 pound packages. The price stickers on the shelf indicated this. As you would expect, the larger package of the bird seed cost more than the smaller package, but it was cheaper per unit price when you figured out the cost per pound.

Then I looked more closely at the larger, supposedly 40 pound package…and noticed that the bird seed manufacturer had reduced the size of the package down to only 35 pounds. That meant that the price sticker on the shelf was no longer accurate. The item number had also changed.

I went to the service desk and had them scan the item. It turned out that the price of the new 35 pound bird seed bag was the same as the old 40 pound size. So – same price for smaller package = less contents for the same cost. Where have we heard that before?

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